Welcome to Hotel Trianon de la Plage in town centre of la Rochelle

Hotel in La Rochelle, Hotel Trianon is a charming hotel in Charente Maritimes.

Hotel in La Rochelle,

Hotel Trianon is located in town centre and has a private car peak, a benefit to visit La Rochelle with all freedom. Close by beaches and fortified Old Port, this charming hotel is first a former townhouse. It invites you to get silent nights in personalised rooms. All them features smart amenities like air-conditioning, soundproofing and desk. Hotel-restaurant in La Rochelle, there is an elegant dining room and the Chef proposes menus crafted with tradition and imagination.

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La Rochelle Charming Hotel | Nights | Restaurant
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Hôtel Trianon et de la Plage - Restaurant - 6, rue de la Monnaie - 17000 La Rochelle
Phone : 05 46 41 21 35 - Fax : 05 46 41 95 78 - Email : trianonlarochelle@wanadoo.fr
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